About Us

La Cabaña Restaurant was a long awaited dream that turned into reality by Selvin Oseguera and family in 2015. Before deciding to open a new restaurant featuring Latin cuisine, Selvin and family spent more than 20 years working in all facets of the restaurant industry. And they did this successfully! He and family members decided because of their love of people and good food, they would venture into owning their own restaurant that showcased their flare for cooking Central American cuisine. With time, they hope to make La Cabaña Restaurant a Northwest family tradition. One thing that will be a constant and never change is Selvin’s commitment to bringing people from all walks of life together to sit down in a warm, friendly atmosphere offering a family oriented menu of good food, using only the finest quality ingredients.

We Cook With Love
Our seasoning, our history and our family come together as a perfect equation of flavors.We put our heart and soul in each plate that we cook. Come and visit La Cabana and experience the fresh food harmony!