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Our products may contain wheat, egg, dairy, soy, or fish allergens.
Please be advised consuming raw, cooked to order or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses.


Taquitos Fritos (Honduras)$7.99
Deep fried rolled corn tortillas into taquitos (3) stuffed with chicken, covered with cabbage, cotija cheese, and drizzled with a Honduran red sauce.

Catrachitos (Honduras)$8.99
A traditional savory Honduran dish made from scratch. We start with our deep fried corn tortilla chips and top them with your choice of ground beef or shredded chicken. Then we add pico de gallo, a jalapeno cream sauce, and a homemade red sauce.Rounding out this dish with a smattering of cotija cheese sprinkled on top.

Tajaditas con Carne(Honduras)$9.50
Ground beef with a tasty tomato sauce, pico de gallo, pickled slaw and cotija cheese on a bed of fried green bananas.

Enchiladas Catrachas (Honduras)$7.25
A fried tortilla topped with ground beef, cabbage, cotija cheese, tomato then drizzled with Honduran sauce.

Yuca con Chicharron (Honduras)$9.99
Boiled and fried pieces of yucca root served with pickled slaw, pico de gallo and crispy deep fried pork butt.

Pupusas (el salvador)$3.25 ea
A traditional Salvadorian dish hand-made savory
corn (masa) stuffed with a filling of cheeseand your choice of meat or vegetable,
· Chicharron and cheese,
· Chicken and cheese
· Beans and cheese
· Spinach and cheese
· Ayote (zuccini) and cheese
· Loroco and cheese
· Revueltas
Pupusas are cooked on a griddleand served with a pickledCabbage slaw called curtido and a thin tomato sauce(salsa roja).
For .30¢ more you can opt for rice flour.

Tamales $3.50 ea
These traditional tamales are popular steamed corn-cakes that are filled with meat and vegetables and steamed in banana leaves.

Pastelitos (3) (El Salvador) $5.99
A crescent shaped meat pie deep fried and made with corn masa seasoned with paprika. We then stuff it with your choice of meat, savory shredded chicken or Ground beef or for the vegetarian mashed potatoes.

Plato Guanaco (El Salvador)$15.99
A yummy Salvadorian platter that comes with1 pupusa, 1 tamale, 2 pastelitos, yuca, chicharrones and deep fried ripe plantain. Garnished with a pickled slaw and pico de gallo.
Add a side of re-fried beans or crema for $2.45.


Sopa de Res $15.50
A traditional soup made with chunks of beef, ox tail, vegetables such as potatoes, yucca root, corn on the
cobb, cabbage, green beans,chayote and ripe plantains.Add rice for only $2.50
Sopa de Gallina India $15.99
A traditional Central Americansoup made with vegetables like potatoes, chayote, zucchini, carrots, green beans
and stewed in chicken broth.Served with roasted chicken and rice on the side.


Ceasar Salad  Sm $7.99 Lg $10.50
Add chicken for $4.99

Nica chicken salad $13.75
This Nicaraguan favorite is made with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, avocado, red beet, and radish, topped with black beans and grilled chickenbreast.Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

Tica especial salad $13.75
This house specialty is made with iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, red onion, spinach, cucumber slices, and red beet slices. We top the salad with corn tortilla chips. Add your choice of meat, carne asada or grilled chicken breast.Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.


Tacos $2.50 ea
2 Corn Tortillas, filled with your choice Carne Asada, Salpicon, chicken or Carnitas. Topped with chopped fresh Cilantro and Onions. Served witha Green Salsa.

Quesadillas $8.99
1 large flour tortilla filled with cheese, pico de gallo and your choice of meat or grilled vegetables.With a dollop of sour cream which sits on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Burritos $9.99
1 large flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, beans, rice crema and pico de gallo with your choice of meat.

Pan relleno $8.50
“Stuffed Bread” a warm submarine sandwich stuffed with chicken that is marinated and then roasted in a spiced tomato sauce and hand-pulled. This sandwichis traditionally served with tomatoes,watercress, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and a cabbage mixed mayonnaise base.

ENTREES (Beef/pork)

Bandeja Centroamericana $19.75
This Central American dish is a favorite amongst the locals. We make it with carne asada, chorizo, chicharrones, a pupusa, and two pastelitos. Served with slices of avocado, a fried egg, rice and beans.

Chuleta Frita (Honduras) $15.50
Traditional dish of Honduras is made with a delicious smoked pork chop topped with caramelized onions. Served with our signature Honduran rice, pickled cabbage, fresh made tortillas and tajaditas (sliced) green bananas.

Bistec Encebollado (Nicaragua) $16.50
A traditional dish from Nicaragua made with a choice cut of beef and top it with a generous amount of caramelized onions, and tomatoes. Served with gallo pinto, fresh made tortillas and a green salad.

Hilachas de carne (Guatemala) $16.50
This traditional dish hales from Guatemala. Shredded beef mixed with carrots, potatoes and green beans cooked in a red sauce. Served with a side of rice, fresh made tortillas and a green salad.

Carne Asada (Honduras) $19.99
A plato tipico or typical plate of food consists of carne asada, pork sausage, beans, rice,fresh made tortillas, grilled jalapeno, avocado slices and queso fresco.


Pollo Asado a la Parrilla   (Nicaragua)  $15.00

This Nicaraguan dish is made with bone-in quarter of a chicken or boneless chicken breast marinated in our special sauce then oven roasted and finished on the grill to perfection. Served with rice, fresh made tortillas, green salad, and pico de gallo.

Pollo Guisado (El Salvador)  $15.00

This traditional dish of El Salvador is made with chicken, potatoes, carrots, and chayote stewed (braised) in a red sauce. Served with rice, fresh made tortillas and a green salad.

Pollo Frito (Honduras)  $15.00

Typical Honduran dish is made with a quarter of a chicken breaded with a spicy flour, deep fried and served with slices of green banana, pickled cabbage and our special dressing.

El Casado (Costa rica)  $15.99

This traditional dish hales from the kitchens of Costa Rica. We start with your choice of meat, chicken, beef or pork. Served with rice, beans, fried sweet plantains, pico de gallo, fresh made tortillas and pickled cabbage.

Salpicon (Honduras)  $16.50

This traditional dish comes to you from Honduras. We start with a choice cut of beef, peeled knuckle, which is cooked in a special seasoning mix. We mince the meat and blend it with diced onions, cilantro and top it with fresh lime juice and diced radish. Served with rice, fresh made tortillas and a green salad.

Molcajete (Specialty of the House) $20.99

This traditional dish comes to you from Mexico. We layer carne asada, chorizo, nopal, queso fresco, avocado slices, and one jalapeno in asteaming hot molcajete stone. We top this delicious dish with our house made spicey red sauce. It is served with rice, beans, and fresh made tortillas.

Mar y Tierra(Specialty of the House)  $24.99

This traditional dish hales from Mexico.Like the molcajete only we also add chicken and prawns to this savory dish. This too is accompanied with rice, beans and fresh made tortillas.


Tilapia Frita $16.50
Whole Tilapia deep fried with slices of green plantain
Served with rice,beans, fresh made tortillas and pickled cabbage.

Camarones Empanizados $16.50
Shrimp breaded and fried. Served with rice, fresh made tortillas,green salad and tartar sauce.

 Coctel de Camarones $14.99
A bowl filled with prawns, avocado, tomato, onion, cucumber and cilantro swimming in our signature cocktail sauce. Included fresh made tortilla chips.

Camarones Rancheros $16.50
Shrimp sautéed with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, then simmered in a spicy red sauce and served with rice, fresh made tortillas and a green salad.


Rice  $2.99
Traditional Central American white rice.

Refried beans $2.99

Avocados  $2.99
4 fresh slices of avocado.

Cuajada / queso fresco  $2.99
Home-made fresh cheese

Jalapeno  .75¢ ea
Whole or sliced, pickled or grilled jalapenos.

Voltiados Beans  $3.50
Crispy refried beans.

Pan frances  $1.99
French roll

Tajaditas Verdes  $4.50
Fried green banana chips.

Flour $0.50 ea.
Corn $0.35 ea.

Guacamole  $4.25
Home-made guacamole.

Deep fried pork rind.

Chorizo  $3.50
Central American style stuffed pork sausage.

Gallo Pinto / Casamiento  $4.50
A traditional dish of Costa Rica and Nicaragua made with rice and beans.

Platano frito  $5.50
Ripe plantain deep fried.


Quesadilla Salvadoreña (Yes..it is sweet)
½ order $4.99 full order $9.99
A rich, sweet dessert cake. Traditionally unsalted Salvadoran queso fresco, a fresh farmers-type cheese.

Tamal de Elote  $3.50
Sweet fresh corn tamal. They’re wrapped in corn husk and boiled

Platano en Miel  $5.99
Fried sweet plantains covered in a panela/cinnamon syrup and sweet
condensed milk.

Flan  $4.75
A creamy rich custard topped with caramel sauce.

Empanadas de Leche $5.99
This El Salvadorian dessert is made with crushed plantains filled with a creamy, sweetmilk filling that is alittle like acustard and a pudding combined.

Bunuelos De Yuca $4.99
This dessert is very popular in Nicaragua.
These yuca and cheese fritters are served with panela syrup.

BREAKFAST..Oh..what a breakfast!

Platano Frito Platter  $9.25
Fried ripe sweet plantains served with refried beans and crema for dipping.

Huevos con Chorizo  $10.25
Scrambled eggs mixed withchorizo (spicy sausage). Served with refried beans, queso fresco and crema.

Huevos Rancheros  $10.25
Over easy or hard (fried) eggs on a corn tortilla topped with a home-made spicy red salsa,bell peppers,and onions. Served with refried beans, queso fresco and crema.

Huevos Revueltos  $10.25
Scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. Served with refried beans, queso fresco and crema.

This typical time honored breakfast is served all day long. It’s made with refried beans, scrambled eggs, queso fresco, crema and avocado slices rolled in a freshly cooked flour tortillas. (add meat or chorizo for $2.50)

Desayuno Centroamericano  $12.75
Traditional dish made throughout CentralAmerica. It is made with eggs of your choice, chorizo, avocado slices, cuajada (fresh cheese), crema, fried ripe plantains and refried beans. For $2.50 add carne asada or chicharrones.


WELLS $6.50


Yogui $8.50

Margaritas $8.25

Mojitos $8.50

Macùa $7.50
























TECATE (M)                                 





We offer a veriety of Imported Sodas at $2.99

  • Cola Champaign
  • Tropical Banana or Grape (El Salvador)
  • Honduran Coca Cola (Honduras)
  • Mexican Jarritos (Popular Drink In Mexico)

Coke Products at  $2.99

  • Coca cola
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Diet Coke
  • Root Beer


Atole de Elote $5.00

Hot Chocolate  $3.50

Coffee  $2.99

Hot Tea  $2.75


We offer a veriety of juices at $3.50

  • Orange juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Mango juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Apple juice



Horchata  $3.50
Sweet rice water drink w/ a hint of cinnamon
(contains dairy)

Tamarindo  $3.50
Sweet, tart, tamarind refreshing drink

Ensalada de Frutas  $3.50
Mixed fruits, pineapple, mango, apple and cashew fruit, sweet drink

Nance  $3.50
A refreshing drink made from the fruit of the
palm tree, a small tart, yellow cherry-like fruit

Maracuya  $3.50
Passion fruit sweet drink

(One (1) free refill for Aguas frescas / house specialty drinks)

A 20% gratuity will automatically be added to your bill for parties of 5 or more